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Registration and access to Greenlovers

Fill out the registration form on the homepage to create your profile. You will then receive a confirmation email to validate your registration. If you do not receive the confirmation email, check in your junk mail and add Greenlovers to your contacts to receive our emails properly. You can request to receive the confirmation email again by clicking on the question mark next to the "Login" button.
Please complete all fields on the registration form on Greenlovers homepage. The username and password must be between 5 and 12 characters, without accents or spaces. Be sure to enter your password twice and write your email address correctly. If you have any trouble registering, do not hesitate to contact us.
Please check in your junk mail and add Greenlovers to your contacts to receive our emails properly. You can request to receive the confirmation email again by clicking on the question mark next to the "Login" button.
GreenLovers registration is free and gives you free access to some of the features. You also have the opportunity to get your GreenLovers Membership for unlimited access to all features.
To cancel your Membership, simply go to the "My Membership" page and click the "Cancel Membership" button. The cancellation of your Membership is immediate.
You can cancel your Membership on GreenLovers at any time, there is no minimum duration of Membership or commitment

Profile and pictures

Go to "My Profile" page and click on the modification links to fill in the different sections of your profile. Fill in a maximum of sections to increase your popularity and your chances of contacts!
Go to "My Page" menu and click on your profile picture. Then click the "1.Choose a picture" button to select an image on your computer. Confirm your choice by clicking on "2.Upload". You can add up to 6 pictures in your Gallery.
Go to "My Page" section and click on your profile picture. Then click on the trash icon below the picture you want to delete.
The accepted formats are JPG, GIF and PNG and the maximum size is 5MB. If your picture exceeds the authorized size, please reduce it by using an image editing software. If you still can not load your picture, you can send it to us by email ( and we will take care to add it to your profile.
Only registered users of Greenlovers can view your pictures. Your pictures will never be displayed outside the Greenlovers members area or on any other website.
The profile rating is the average of the ratings given by other Greenlovers to your profile. The more complete your profile, the more likely you are to get nice ratings!
The Green Test includes a series of questions that help discover a little more about your personality and vision of the relationships. Your answers are then compared to the answers of other users based on the number of questions answered. The more identical answers you have with a user, the more likely you are to have something in common with that person!

My personal data

To change your email address for notifications, go to the "Settings" page and enter your new address. Repeat your new email address and save the changes.
Go to the "Settings" page. Enter your current password and your new password. Repeat your new password and confirm with "Save".
To receive your username by email and reset your password, click on the question mark next to the login button at the top of Greenlovers home page, and then enter the email address used for your registration. You will receive your username and a new password by e-mail. If you have not received anything after a few minutes, check in your spam and add Greenlovers to your contacts.
To change your Username please contact us at and we will change your username.
You can change your email notifications preferences by going to the Settings page. Click "Save" to validate your email notifications preferences.


Click on "Send a message" on the profile of a user.
Go to the "Messages" page and click the message you want to read.
Sometimes you receive a notification for a new message, but once on Greenlovers, you can not find this message in your inbox. This happens when the sender's profile has been deleted for non-compliance with Greenlovers' terms of use or has been reported to us as spam by other users.
By flagging a message in your inbox, it will not be deleted automatically after a certain period of time or if there is not enough space in your inbox, but will be retained until you decide to delete it manually. Flagging a message also allows you to find it more easily by selecting the "Flagged" filter at the top of your inbox.
For security reasons, we recommend you to never to send your email address to a person you have just met on the internet. This is why email addresses are automatically deleted in messages. In addition, people inviting you from the first contact to add their email address are often fake profiles. We therefore recommend that you remain vigilant.
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